I'm noob.

I study English from Bio6.

Him again !? Friend of yours? More like an ex-girlfriend. Guy doesn't know when to quit. Welcome to the club. You get used to it.That is too best to be true By dstore!

My English is not very good.

My English study way is not better. Now i understand why It is not look at communication skill. I improve it and I hope better score.

I attended AGC first in 21 Sep 2019.

The AGC is popular contest programming. I read question and input programming , receve the result score. This AGC have Six questions And deadline is 120 minitues. I have challenged AGC, But I was not good score. Next AGC is one month later…

I suppose on satisfy.

I can read textbook. But I can not understand Social game scenario. Because It is not Neat sentence . Similar to real world, Character speak Slang, Simple expression , and more. English communication is important that Understand it.

I Watched basketball

I watched Pro basketball league match today. I went to Chiba, and walk to stage from the nearest station.There were so many entertain event in The Pro basketball match. Example ... artist live , Cheerleading show, sound and spotlight effec…


I bought textbook "Perfect Lectures on English Grammer" And keep hard working.In japanese can more sensetive expression. But English is summry it. In English communication, Not good Translate Japanese to English. I notice I have to change …

I could not good response.

I received two request. I was Answer it. but it was false answer. I am going to correct my mistake and, my group Displayed Future sight. everything operation is have a big overhead. each member is to think, to improve and a…

I watching long English Video of Udemy

My English study input is Textbook, Listening kit, and Skype video chat. I am a Programmer. and i use Amazon web service. I watching English video to study english and skill improve. i couldnt hear it first. gradually i began to hear.

I started study English yesterday.

By 2020, I want to speak English fluently and idiomatically. First target is TOEIC at Oct 27 2019, and i would like to reach 600 score.